The city is situated on the Adriatic coast and it can be easily reached by car (A-14 motorway), by air (Falconara Airport), by train or by boat. The city was founded by Gauls in the IV century B.C. and it was the first Roman colony in the Adriatic Coast.

Its most important artistic and economical period was under the rule of Sigismondo Malatesta and the Duke Giovanni della Rovere. Under their rule the "Rocca" was built: from this fortress the city walls departed, protecting the town within its pentagonal shape for almost 200 years.

Other important monuments were put up at that time: "Palazzo Ducale", "Palazzetto Baviera", "Fontana del Duca". All of them are wonderfully preserved till today.

The harbour became the centre of the sea trade of the Dukedom of Urbino and from 1600 to 1700 the famous "Magdalene Fair" became the core of the city business thanks also to the shore leave harbour.
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